Intermission Food Court – Breakfast

Intermission Food Court – January 6th, 2016 – Breakfast
On our first morning at Disney, we decided to grab some food in the food court of our hotel again, before heading out to the Marathon Weekend Race Expo.
I’m not much of a breakfast person. My first meal of the day usually involves some sort of junk food if I’m being honest, but I decided to go with some banana bread on this morning.  The cost was $3.79, but I used our first dining plan credit of our trip – a single snack credit. This was fine, nothing really special. It was enough food for me to take my Crohn’s medication, and to hold me over until lunch later in the day. I prefer my banana bread to have chocolate chips in it, like I said I like my junk food :rotfl2:. Would I buy this again? Probably. It was cheap and good enough for me.
Luke on the other hand, eats breakfast every morning. Most mornings when I come downstairs I find him sitting at the kitchen table sharing pieces of bacon with our two dogs and two cats haha.  He decided to go with the Bounty Platter, which contained scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, a Mickey waffle, a biscuit, bacon and a sausage link. He also picked up a banana to go with his meal. I ended up snacking on the breakfast potatoes, I liked them a lot. In Luke’s words – “the bacon was standard restaurant bacon – it’s still good but just not great. The sausage was surprisingly really good! The Mickey waffle was way better than I expected it to be. The eggs were just basic, but fine. I can’t remember if I ate the biscuit or not?” We paid out of pocket for this one and it came to $11.97 – and $1.69 of that was for the single banana. The platter was a decent amount of food, especially for the price.

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