Intermission Food Court – Late Night

Intermission Food Court – January 5th, 2016
After hours of flying and 2 layovers, we finally landed in Orlando and hopped onto the Magical Express! We were the third stop out of four on our bus, but it didn’t take long before we were checking in! Once we received our MagicBands and room assignment, we decided it was time for our first Disney meal of the trip! It was late, so Intermission Food Court was offering a reduced menu but we had no trouble finding items to order.
We activated our refillable mugs – I chose blue and Luke grabbed a green one for himself. These were included in our dining plan :)
Luke ordered the chicken nuggets with salad. I was not expecting these for the nuggets! I figured he’d have a plate with some pressed meat blobs similar to what they serve at McDonald’s, not real white meat chunks! I stole one of these from his plate and was really impressed by them! I didn’t try the salad, it looked disgusting to me but Luke said it was really nice, and he enjoyed the fact that he had an option to eat vegetables even if his main meal was deep-fried…
I had the make-your-own pasta with penne, a chicken breast (it’s buried under that sauce!) and marinara sauce with a breadstick and salad on the side. The pasta was nothing special, but it’s a food I really enjoy (I was gluten free for 4 years, from the age of 21 until my Crohn’s diagnosis at the age of 25, so I have an appreciation for the taste of refined flour now :rotfl:) The penne didn’t seem to be normal white pasta, but it wasn’t quite whole wheat either – is there some hybrid of the two? Or am I just that terrible at judging food? Either way, I ate it all. The chicken breast was good and a decent size, the sauce had flavour (I’ve had much better, but I’ve also had much worse) and the breadstick was just a classic breadstick that had some salt on it. I ate everything, even a little bit of the side salad (you’ll notice as you read my food reviews that I’m not a huge vegetable person haha). The dressing was some sort of balsamic, which I am not a fan of, and there were a lot of things in the salad I didn’t like (like tomatoes, gross!). But, I ate a few pieces of lettuce and then let Luke finish it off – he was happy with that – he loves his veggies!
We didn’t buy drinks with this meal, we just used our refillable mugs. I want to say we both had Coke (which is so much better in the States – Canada doesn’t allow high-fructose corn syrup, our Coke/Pepsi products are sweetened with glucose-fructose and I find they have completely different flavours). For this meal we decided to pay out of pocket as we didn’t want dessert that late at night, and it didn’t cross our minds that we could save it for the morning as a snack. The total cost for both meals came to $20.10 – which really isn’t terrible for what we got.

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