Peco’s Bills – Lunch

Peco’s Bills – January 6th, 2016 – Lunch
After the race expo, the first park we headed to on our trip was Magic Kingdom! After our first Fastpass for Splash Mountain, we decided it was time for lunch and decided to give Peco’s Bills a try.
After looking over the small menu, we made the decision to share a single meal. We had a supper reservation at Be Our Guest, and we knew we’d be having a large meal there, and we wanted to fully enjoy it without being too full.
From all of my research on the dining plan before we left for our trip, I knew that each quick service credit was good for one entree, one non-alcoholic drink and one dessert. We agreed to go with the build-your-own fajita platter with beef, black beans, cilantro rice, grilled onions/green peppers and three flour tortillas, with a coke and the churro bites and chocolate sauce for dessert.
I was impressed by the “fixin’s bar” here, where you could load up on a variety of items to pile on your fajitas. Between us we picked up some shredded cheese, salsa, sour cream, jalapeno peppers, guacamole, banana peppers, hot sauce and pico de gallo. All of these toppings are free with the purchase of a meal, and they really elevated our fajitas!
Three tortillas might not sound like much, but once you pile on your fixin’s, meat, grilled veggies, etc, they became difficult to even close! I only ate one, and it was so full of meat, rice, sour cream, salsa and shredded cheese it was messy! I definitely enjoyed it though! Obviously, don’t order this expecting the meat to be comparable to a filet mignon from a fancy steakhouse or anything haha.
We were both skeptical of churros – the only ones we’d ever had were hard and dry and gross, but we’d heard so much about Disney churros. After one bite, we realized what all the fuss was about – these were so much better than any churro we’d ever had before! I wasn’t crazy over the chocolate sauce these ones were served with, but the churros didn’t need them, there was plenty of cinnamon sugar to go around!
It ended up being more than enough food for us to share and hold us over until supper. While we were eating, I noticed a large bird walking around. I’m actually terrified of birds, and this guy walked right up to us with no shame, and stole a mouthful of beef off our tray before we even realized what had happened. I had my phone out just to take a picture of him, he was a couple feet away from us when I started raising my phone up for a picture – this guy was fast! But there you go – the meat is Disney wild-bird approved as well!
Had we paid for this meal ourselves, it would have cost $14.99 for the fajita platter, $4.99 for the churros and $3.69 for the Coke. That’s a pretty good use of a quick service credit!

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