Be Our Guest – Dinner

Be Our Guest – January 6th, 2016 – Supper
After an amazing day afternoon at Magic Kingdom, it was finally time for our supper ADR – at Be Our Guest! I was so excited for this one, and felt so lucky to have even managed to book us in . When we booked this trip, we were already well within the 180 day window for making dining reservations, but I refused to give up on this place! I kept checking, and I finally managed to find a single opening, for 6:20 on our first full day at Disney! I had to juggle a few of our other ADR’s around to make this fit, but we did it!
We checked in, and then walked over the bridge to sit outside. Within 5 minutes our names were called and we were being led into the Beast’s castle! We were led to a table at the very back of the main room, right beside the Christmas tree! Sorry this picture is kind of blurry, the room was really dark and I hadn’t quite figured out my new camera yet…
I loved the red napkins at each place setting, rolled into a rose. So simple, yet it added a nice touch.
I went a little crazy in the planning stages of my trip, and had read all of the menus posted online for the restaurants we knew we’d be visiting, so I knew exactly what I wanted before I even sat down – the grilled strip steak (cooked well done of course!) with green beans and fries. After reading over the menu, Luke decided to get the same thing, only with his steak cooked medium (gross!). I ordered a glass of water and a glass of root beer to go with my meal. I thought about a glass of wine, but I knew we weren’t finished going on rides for the night, and with my Crohn’s I really have to be careful of alcohol. Luke ordered a glass of water, a coffee and a bottle of Kronenberg beer (he’s not a huge drinker, but you have to take advantage of being in the only licensed area of Magic Kingdom!).
I wish I could remember our waiter’s name – he was excellent! Very attentive, friendly and personable without being too intrusive. Our meals came out perfect – my steak was actually cooked well done properly (which a lot of places seem to struggle with). It was cooked fully, but still juicy. And the beans – Oh. My. God. Those beans. According to the menu, they were cooked in truffle oil (which I had never had before – I’m an extremely fussy eater so we don’t usually go to very many fancy restaurants), and I couldn’t get enough of them. I ate every last one, while picking out the onions and red peppers which came mixed in with them and shoving them onto Luke’s plate haha. Like I said, I’m really fussy. Here’s a picture of my amazing meal (the plating wasn’t the prettiest):
I ended up eating only a few of my fries. I was not a fan of the sauce they were served with, and I prefer shoestring-style fries to thick cut ones like these. It was fine though, the beans and the steak were so fantastic I didn’t mind not eating everything on my plate – plus it was more than enough food for me. The steak was huge – I think the menu said it was 10 ounces? I typically struggle just to finish an 8 ounce steak at a restaurant, but I was impressed by how much I was able to eat. Luke of course finished all of his, because he’s a man and that’s what they do.
We knew we would be using credits from the dining plan on this meal, so dessert was included. I already knew what I wanted – I had to try the grey stuff! Luke ordered the orange eclair. Here are our desserts in all their glory:
The grey stuff was a grey coloured mousse that tasted like cookies n’ cream tucked inside a chocolate tart. The tart was harder than I was expecting, I ended up scooping the grey stuff out with my spoon. Luke declared his eclair was “great!” I tried a bite, and I’d have to agree!
Our amazing waiter had actually noticed my birthday pin stuck to my backpack, which I had put on the floor beside me and brought me a Happy Birthday card signed by Belle and the Beast, and a plate of grey stuff mousse sprinkled with Mickey sprinkles and a candle stuck in it. I thought this was such a nice little touch – some really great Disney magic! It was nice to begin celebrating my birthday a week early :)
The cost of our meal: $35/each for our steaks, $5 for each dessert, $3.50 for my root beer, $3 for Luke’s coffee and $13 for two beer. We swiped our Magic Bands and used 2 table service credits, leaving us with a bill for $13 for the beer, plus tip (and we tipped well – we loved that waiter!).
We stopped to meet the Beast on our way out. I don’t know why Luke was cut out of this picture…
Overall we had a fantastic experience with great food, atmosphere and waiter. The steak is by far the most expensive item on the menu, and in my opinion the only thing worth using a table service credit on if you care about breaking even on the dining plan. I would not hesitate to return for supper, but I don’t think it’s going to make it into our plans for our next trip.

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