Tusker House

Tusker House – January 7th, 2016 – Lunch
On this morning, we didn’t eat breakfast – we just snacked on a few of the things we had ordered from Amazon and had shipped to our hotel. Our first meal of the day was supposed to be at Tusker House at 1:10pm, however after going on a few rides I was not feeling very well. We decided to head over to the restaurant to see if we could get in early, and they were able to seat us around 12:30.
I was so excited to eat here – it was our first character meal of the trip! I quickly ordered a glass of water, and headed straight to the buffet. I really wasn’t feeling good, so my main focus was on getting something into my body – therefore there are no pictures of our first plates of food. I do know that my first plate was mainly salad, and it wasn’t even close to being a full plate.
We did not have to wait long before the first character approached our table – I had already drank an entire glass of water by this point so I was feeling slightly better (nothing, not even my Crohn’s was going to stop me from getting pictures with the characters!).
I ended up going back to the buffet two more times for food, and I actually remembered to take a picture of one of them:
Starting at the top center and going right, that’s mashed potatoes and gravy, caesar salad, plantains, some kind of bread, a potato and pea samosa, basmati rice and carved pork (I think it’s the Kenyan BBQ pork if you look at the sauce between the rice and meat). As I mentioned before, I’m not an overly adventurous eater so my plate looks a little boring. There are so many options here, so both picky eaters (like me) and adventurous eaters (like Luke) can find a ton of things to satisfy! I know I had green beans from the kid’s section at one point, and more of the carved meat options.
When I went up for dessert, I couldn’t decide on what I wanted, so I think I grabbed a full plate and then split everything with Luke.
Again, starting at the top in the center and going right, I want to say it was some kind of lemon bread?, pecan chocolate squre, fruit tart, coconut macaroon, chocolate brownie, and two other types of squares (I don’t remember exactly what they were). Luke ate the bread and the fruit tart. We split everything else. The pecan chocolate thing was so good, it was chewy and dense and just all around amazing. I’m a big fan of coconut macaroons, and this one did not disappoint. Everything else was good, but forgettable.
There were 4 characters in total who visited our table during our meal, all of whom were dressed in Safari outfits – Mickey, Donald, Daisy and Goofy. Since the restaurant was not even close to being full, we ended up seeing a couple of the characters 2 or 3 times.
I somehow missed getting a picture with Goofy… At one point during the meal, Goofy actually came into the room where we were and tried to gather all of the kids to join him in a little parade, clapping their hands and dancing around the room. There were only like 3 kids who actually went up, and Luke felt bad, so he went and joined them. He followed Goofy around the room twice clapping his hands and laughing. It was really cute!
The food was amazing here, Luke is still talking about it and it is already on our wishlist of ADR’s for our next trip to WDW in January 2017. I managed to eat a lot of food, but I still was not feeling well at all. I actually had to make 3 trips to the bathroom during our meal :( Stupid Crohn’s :(
After scanning our magic bands for a table service credit each, and paying the tip out of pocket we left. If we were paying out of pocket, it would have cost $41.99/each or $89.44 for both of us after tax (before tip).
The theming of this restaurant is incredible! The main area where the buffet is located is set up to look like an open air market, the Safari gear costumes the characters wear are adorable and there are so many tiny details throughout the entire building tying it all together. I wish I wasn’t so sick that day, otherwise I would have taken more pictures! There’s always next time :)

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