Intermission Food Court – Supper

Intermission Food Court – January 7 – Supper

After eating at Tusker House, I really wanted to push forward with our day, but I was really sick. I realized I would not be able to make it to our planned supper reservation (and even if I did, I would not enjoy myself at all) so I sadly had to call to cancel our ADR for 1900 Park Fare :sad:. Since we had every day of our trip planned with ADR’s, there was no time slots that worked with our schedule to try and get back to it, I was really sad about that.

After sadly spending the better part of the next hour in the washroom feeling really sick, we decided to call it a day and head back to our hotel. We arrived back to our hotel around 3:15pm. I immediately crawled into bed but was in too much discomfort to fall asleep right away. Luke decided he should try for a nap as well, since we knew we had a very early morning the next day for the 10km race. I eventually did fall asleep, and we both napped until a little after 6pm. After waking up I was feeling a bit better, but definitely not 100% and I knew I didn’t want to go too far to get supper, so we decided to just eat at Intermission Food Court at All Star Music.

Luke does not like carb-loading the night before a race like a lot of people do, he prefers to just try and have a healthyish meal (no deep fried things). He chose the pot roast with green beans and mashed potatoes ($10.49). Since we were on the dining plan, he also grabbed a chocolate dipped Mickey rice krispie ($4.49) and some milk ($2.49). He really liked his meal (although he had a better pot roast the next day), but overall he was pleased with the food for the cost, especially since this was a “food court” meal.


I went for the turkey with green beans and mashed potatoes ($11.99), with a bottle of Coke ($2.99) and a chocolate muffin ($3.99). I was really impressed by this, the turkey was actually carved when I ordered it so it was still nice and moist and not all dried out from sitting under a heat lamp for hours. It was one of those all white meat turkey breats, not the entire turkey, but it was quite tasty! The mashed potatoes were good, the gravy had flavour to it and the green beans were fairly standard (and nothing will compare to those green beans from BOG!). Overall, another great option from Intermission Food Court (I assumed 3 star hotel, 3 star food but that was not the case!). Also yes, I really like pepper haha.


We used 1 quick service credit each for this meal. We had brought our refillable mugs with us, so I saved my bottle of Coke for later in the trip, and just drank water. The muffin I also saved, and ate for breakfast the next morning (breakfast of Champions, am I right?!). If we were paying out of pocket, the cost would have been $36.44 + tax, so not a terrible use of 2 quick service credits in my opinion.

Luke also picked up a yogurt parfait ($5.49) to eat the next morning before his race, and used a snack credit for it – so a really great use of one of those!

After eating I did feel a bit better, but we decided to call it an early night and we were both asleep again by 9pm – ready for a SUPER early morning wakeup the next day.

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