Be Our Guest – January 11, 2016 – Breakfast

Be Our Guest – January 11th, 2016 – Breakfast​

We had a super early wake-up today, our alarm went at 6am so we could catch a bus at 6:30. We got to the Magic Kingdom fairly quickly, and then had to stand around in the cold for awhile. Around 7:30 we were able to go through security, and then after scanning our Magicbands to ensure we actually did have a breakfast ADR, we were let into the park around 7:45am. It was pretty special to walk down a mostly empty Main Street, and to get Photopass pictures like this:


We checked in a few minutes early for our reservation (8:15 reservation, we checked in at 8am and it was no problem at all). We had both pre-ordered, so we were handed a plastic tracking device rose and headed off to find a table. Note: the line wasn’t bad at all for people who hadn’t pre-ordered, since it was so early in the day.

We had ate in the main ballroom for dinner last week, so we wanted to sit in a different room – and we were able to find a table in the West Wing (it filled up pretty quickly!). We set our rose down, and then went to grab our drinks from the self-serve fountains. We were both cold from standing outside too long, so we both wanted something warm – a coffee for Luke and a hot chocolate for me (no pictures of those, sorry!). We did not have to wait very long before a little cart was rolled over with our food!

We were given a plate of pastries to share, which is included in the cost of your breakfast. It had mini croissants, mini muffins, a danish, etc. I think these were sitting in the fridge before being brought to us, they were really cold! I’m the person who ALWAYS warms up my muffins, scones, croissants, cookies, etc so I did not enjoy these – they would have been a bit better if they were even left at room temperature. Luke ate some of them, but we did not finish the plate. I think I will try to remember to bring ziploc baggies with me next time we eat breakfast here though, I would have shoved them in my purse or backpack and snacked on them later (once they heated up a bit from being in my purse/backpack :lmao:)


Luke ordered the open face bacon and egg sandwich, which is described as: Poached eggs, Applewood smoked bacon, brie cheese and Arugula on a toasted Baguette served with Fresh Fruit. We were there before the price increase, so it was $19.99 (looking at the menu now, I see the price is up to $24.99). According to Luke, his breakfast was really good and he enjoyed it very much. Not much description, but he did eat it all. He drank his coffee, but said it was the same terrible coffee he found everywhere on property (for some reason he didn’t go to Starbucks once while we were there, but he did complain about coffee a lot…)


I ordered the Croissant Doughnut which was topped with banana-caramel sauce, pastry creme, and chocolate ganache, also for $19.99. This more than made up for the lackluster pastry plate! I loved this thing, but it was so sweet! It was nice and hot, and the banana-caramel sauce was warm too! The fruit was just basic fruit, but it was fairly fresh and I did eat most of it. It felt good to be putting something healthy into my body for a change, after all the delicious Disney food I had been eating over the past week :rotfl:. I couldn’t come close to finishing the entire thing, since it was extremely sweet as a breakfast food, but I will be ordering it again when we go back to BOG in January!


Before leaving, we both grabbed a new cup and filled it with water. The drinks are self-serve here, so you can have as many refills as you’d like. After Luke’s terrible coffee and my just-ok hot chocolate it was nice to have some water.

A lot of people dislike the prices of breakfast here. Yes, it is a bit pricey for what it is – but if you are on the dining plan it’s a wonderful use of a quick service credit! If paying out of pocket, I would say it’s only worth it if you can get one of the coveted early morning reservation times so you can get pictures in front of the Castle with next to no one else. Also worth noting – we left the restaurant at 8:45 (15 minutes before official park open) and the Mine Train was already running! We actually went on it and didn’t even have a full train! By 9:15 we had ate breakfast and went on the Mine Train, Peter Pan’s Flight and Winnie-the-Pooh. To me, that is worth the cost of this breakfast!

We used 2 quick service credits, but it would have cost $39.98 (or $42.38 with tax) if paying out of pocket.

Would we go back for breakfast? Absolutely! We actually have a reservation already made for our January 2017 trip!

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