Be Our Guest – Lunch – January 11, 2016

Be Our Guest – January 11th, 2016 – Lunch​
After a busy morning in Magic Kingdom, we headed to our early lunch reservation – once again at Be Our Guest! That’s right, we hit the BOG trifecta of all three meals! The only time I was able to book an ADR was for 11:25, which felt so early…we were still full from our breakfast, but we figured we would find a way to eat :teeth: We checked in pretty much on time, and they were immediately ready for us. We were led across the bridge and into the castle, where we were once again handed a plastic tracking device rose. I was so glad we had pre-ordered our meals, the line of people waiting to order at the kiosks stretched almost half way across the bridge – I’d guess they had at least a half hour wait before they would even be ordering. So pre-order people, especially at lunch!​


We decided that since we had sat in the Ballroom for supper, and the West Wing for breakfast, we only had one more room to sit in – the Rose Gallery/music box room (whatever it’s actually called). We had no trouble finding an empty table in here, and we sat our tracking device rose down and went to grab drinks – root beer for me and a Coke for Luke ($2.99 each if paying out of pocket).​




Within a few minutes, a cart was wheeled over with our food! Luke knew when we pre-ordered that he would be sick of dessert by the time this meal rolled around, so he swapped out his dessert for the french onion soup ($5.69). That thing had so much cheese on it! In the picture, he had already broken through the cheese and ate a few spoonfuls, but you can see how thick that top layer is! I hate onions, but I don’t mind the flavour of them (I just won’t eat an actual piece of onion – I think it’s a texture issue in my head). I did try some of the broth of this soup, and it was really nice! I don’t think I had ever tried french onion soup before this though, so I wouldn’t call myself an expert on that dish… Luke really enjoyed it, and did eat quite a bit of it.

For his meal, Luke went with the braised pork – slow-cooked pork with vegetables and bacon served with mashed potatoes and green beans jardiniere for $14.99. I loved this! I wasn’t even hungry, but I did steal more than a few bites of this. The green beans weren’t even close to being as good as the ones served at dinner at Be Our Guest, these ones were just standard beans. The potatoes were ok, but the star of the dish was the pork. ​




I went for the croque monsieur – Grilled sandwich of carved ham, Gruyere cheese, and bechamel with Pommes Frites for $12.99. I did take a bite of this before I remembered to snap a picture – oops! This was good, but I really wish I was a little bit hungrier. The ham was good on this, and the bread was not just white Wonder bread (which is disgusting in my opinion), so that was a win. I’m pretty basic when it comes to my taste in cheese (I don’t stray too far from the base cheeses – mozza/cheddar/etc) but this one was good and not too strong (I won’t even touch old cheddar, I hate cheese with a strong taste). My only complaint was that there was WAY too much cheese on this. Dairy is one thing that sometimes bothers my Crohn’s, so I’m always aware of how much I’m eating – in small doses I’m fine. I know that if I had have finished this sandwich, it would have resulted in an uncomfortable afternoon. I did eat half of it and enjoyed it though! The fries served at lunch were different than the ones served at dinner (which as you remember, I did not like at all). These ones though – I loved! I prefer shoestring style fries (like McDonald’s style!). I also love pepper, I’m sure you’ve noticed most of my meals coated in the stuff haha… I did end up putting quite the dent in my pile of fries.

I forgot to take a picture, but I went for the triple chocolate cupcake for dessert – chocolate sponge cake, chocolate mousse filling, and chocolate ganache for $4.59. I took a bite of it, and left it. It was good, but I was so over desserts. I wish I had have followed suit with Luke and ordered soup instead.


I think we both enjoyed lunch here. We couldn’t fully enjoy it, since it hadn’t really been that long since our breakfast here, and I was getting a little tired of greasy food (I know, that’s all on me). Right now we don’t have lunch at BOG in our plans for our upcoming trip, but I would not rule it out for other future trips. I think I can say we will be back here at some point (and I’ll probably order that pork!)

We used two quick service credits on this meal, which would have cost $44.24 before tax.​

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