Crystal Palace – January 11, 2016

Crystal Palace – January 11, 2016 – Supper​

After a PPO breakfast and an early lunch at BOG, we had to wait until the very end of the night for a super late dinner reservation at Crystal Palace. To hold us over, we did have snacks during the afternoon – Luke had a Dole Whip float:


There’s not a lot to say about this snack. It’s pineapple whip served with pineapple juice. I’m not a big fan of pineapple, but I always sneak a few spoonfuls of this and really enjoy it. Luke loves pineapple, so it’s a no brainer that he loves this!

I had a popcorn for a snack. It was salty and oily and delicious, and I ate it so quickly I forgot to take a picture of it.

After watching the Main Street Electrical Parade, we made our way very slowly through the crowd over to Crystal Palace to check in for our reservation.

I apologize, I only took one picture of one plate of food we had here, but here it is:


Starting at the bottom and working our way clockwise, there’s peas and corn, broccoli, mashed potatoes and gravy, turkey and gravy, green beans, corn dog nuggets, a roll, ceasar salad and chicken nuggets. We were there at the very end of the night, so the food was basically what you would expect from an end-of-the-night buffet. It was edible, and we were hungry so we ate a lot, but it wasn’t as fresh as it could have been. That was all on us though, booking a reservation that late at night. I’d imagine the food would actually be quite good if you went during a peak time!

I just asked Luke what he remembered about the meal, and he said he ate a lot of chicken nuggets there because they were really good.

I didn’t take any pictures of dessert, but they do have a self-serve soft ice cream machine, so I did have some of that. Luke remembers loving one of the desserts – he said it might have been a fruit crumble or maybe a square of some kind – I know, super helpful note taking from this meal :crazy:

On the flip side, because we were there when it wasn’t very busy, we had some of the best character interactions! When Piglet came by our table, Wishes was starting. Piglet was perfectly in character, and was acting all scared of the loud noises happening outside.


Pooh was cute, but I don’t remember anything special about the interaction.


igger was bouncy and fun:


And then there was Eeyore. He is my favourite Disney character, and this was one of the best interactions I’ve ever had. I had an Eeyore bow in my hair, and when he noticed it he gave me the biggest hug!


After taking a few pictures, Eeyore linked arms with me, waved to my boyfriend and then started walking me across the restaurant. His handler started laughing, and asked if he was trying to steal me, and Eeyore nodded yes.

I love that the characters don’t care that they are dealing with two adults, they were so much fun and didn’t make us feel awkward at all about meeting them without any kids. It made my night, and now I’m kind of sad we didn’t make an ADR here for our next trip…

We used our final two table service credits on this meal. If paying out of pocket, it would have cost $89.44.


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