Intermission Food Court – January 12, 2016

Intermission Food Court (again) – January 12, 2016​

After we finished up our Tamu Tamu snacks, we stopped for some more Photopass pictures, meet Baloo and King Louie, went on Expedition Everest (twice), then ended our day at It’s Tough to Be A Bug. We stopped to use a snack credit on a raspberry lemonade – which was way too sweet. We then said our good-byes to the Disney Parks, and caught a bus back to All Star Music for the final time. We still had two quick service credits remaining, so we stopped at Intermission Food Court once again.

Since I had enjoyed it so much the first time, I went for the pasta ($11.49) once again.


This is listed as a “make your own pasta – choose your pasta and sauce combination with choice of Beef Meatballs, Panko-crusted Chicken, or Shrimp”. I went for the penne pasta with chicken and marinara sauce, which also came with a breadstick and a side salad. For dessert I grabbed a chocolate dipped Mickey rice krispie ($3.99) and to drink I picked up a bottle of Coke ($2.99) to save for later, and then used my refillable mug.


Luke went for the Hot Italian Sandwich with cucumber salad ($9.49), a Mickey rice krispie (one without chocolate) ($3.99) for dessert and a bottle of water ($2.75) for later.

My pasta was once again really impressive – I wasn’t expecting much from a quick service food court in a value resort, but it was nice to be wrong :) Luke enjoyed his sandwich as well, and said he would buy it again. He also ate his rice krispie treat and enjoyed it. I ended up taking my rice krispie back to Canada with me, ate some of it but threw most of it out. It’s never been my favourite type of treat, but I had to say I tried one!

We used our final two quick service credits for this meal. Total cost would have been $34.70 plus tax.

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