January 9, 2016 – A Hollywood Studios Morning

After our long day on Friday, we decided to sleep in a bit on Saturday. Our first fastpass for the morning was for Muppet Vision 3D, but we had walked straight onto it yesterday, so we used that time to sleep instead. After we woke up a little after 9, we got ready while eating a few of the snacks we had in our room (you might remember I had placed an Amazon order for a bunch of American snacks that I can’t get in Canada and had it shipped to our hotel. I grew up about a 2 hour drive from the Maine border, so we used to drive over there a few times each year and we always spent time in a grocery store buying different snacks and food to take home with us.)

We headed out of our room and caught a bus back to Hollywood Studios. Originally we weren’t even going to use this as a park day, and just spend the time hanging out at our hotel and checking out Disney Springs, but once we realized how little it would cost to change from a 5 day ticket to a 6 day ticket, we figured it was worth it for 3 Fastpasses (especially since Hollywood Studios uses that tiered system for FP). Once we went through security (where Luke was once again selected for additional screening haha) we had time to stop for a few Photopass pictures! I really wanted to get a few with the Minnie Ears I had purchased the day before :)


I have no idea why I took my glasses off for these pictures? :confused3 Even my sunglasses are prescription ones, I wear my glasses all day every day. Oh well, I guess it’s nice to have a different look in these pictures…

From there we headed over to our 2nd Fastpass selection of the day (but the first one we made it to..) – Star Tours. Again. For the fourth time in 2 days haha – like I said, we really enjoyed this ride! We were just walking along afterwards when I saw another Photopass photographer, so you know what happened next! I made Luke pose for more pictures with me! For these ones I’m again not wearing glasses, and I also took off my Lion King sweater from the previous pictures…clearly I must have had a reason for this, but I couldn’t tell you what it was…


We were then off to our 3rd and final Fastpass for the day, with me freaking out the entire way. When we entered the Fastpass line for Rock N’ Roller Coaster, I honestly thought I was going to have a panic attack – I had only ever been on 2 rides in my life that went upside down, and I had bad experiences on both of them. The first was on a ride called the Rok-n-Rol and I left with bruises on my hips from the seatbelt. The second was my first and only time on the Zipper. I was wearing flip-flops (because I was 14 and way too cool to be spotted wearing sneakers at an amusement park), and they fell off my feet as soon as went upside down. Luckily the zipper has you inside a little cage so I didn’t lose my flip-flops, but they did manage to smack in the face multiple times before the ride was over.

Here’s our on-ride photo from Rock N’ Roller Coaster. My face is pure fear.


Luke was so excited about this ride, I only went on it to make him happy. But, as it turns out – all of that worrying was for nothing! I ended up loving this! It was really quick, only lasting a little over a minute (so I can’t imagine standing in line for hours for it), but I’m really glad I went through with giving it a chance. I barely even noticed the loop, since you can’t really see the track in front of you so you don’t notice it until you’re upside down, and even then it’s so fast. I will absolutely go on this again on our next trip, and I won’t be freaking out about it at all!

After we got off the ride, there was a cast member drawing on the pavement with water. It was really neat, so we stood around for a few minutes watching that.


We were both starting to get a little hungry so we decided to try the pretzels. My lackluster review can be found here.

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