January 9, 2016 – Disney Springs/Fort Wilderness

After eating our disappointing pretzels, we decided it was time to head out of the park. We stopped by the Christmas tree outside the main gate for more Photopass pictures


This is basically the only one that’s worth posting haha. The photographer told us to do the hula for some reason, but Luke and I are awkward and all of those pictures did not turn out haha…

I really wanted to go on the transportation boats, so this was our chance to do so! We hopped on the boat that was headed for Epcot. I decided we should get off at the Yacht & Beach Club – I secretly really wanted to see the gazebo there that hosts Disney weddings haha! It was everything I thought it’d be, so gorgeous! What a beautiful resort the Yacht Club is, but I don’t think it’s my style so it’s not high on my list of places to stay. We didn’t have a ton of time to look around, and I didn’t take a single picture :confused3. We went to the bus stop and had to wait about 15 minutes, our longest wait yet for Disney transportation. Finally, we were on a bus heading to Disney Springs!

Once our bus pulled up to Disney Springs, I had time to grab a map and then we headed straight to Morimoto Asia to meet up with my cousin and her boyfriend. As always, click here to read the review.

After we finished our meal (which my cousin insisted on paying for, it was so nice of her!) we headed over to Raglan Road to sit outside. It was a really nice afternoon, so everyone (except me) grabbed a beer (beer=gross). We sat, drinking, chatting and soaking up the sunshine. The boys each bought a second beer to go and the four of us walked, stopping to check out a few stores. My cousin’s son loves Lego, so she had to go take pictures of the store for him (he was at home in southern Florida with his grandparents, my aunt and uncle who were in Florida visiting). After this, my cousin and her boyfriend realized it was starting to get late, and they had a few hours of driving ahead of them so we said our good-byes and parted ways.

Our original plan was to spend this day relaxing and checking out Disney Springs and I’m so glad we didn’t have any ADR’s in the parks so we could make a meet-up with my cousin work! It was really nice to see her! One of my trips to Miami was before she had her son, and her husband at the time was working long hours so we spent an entire week hanging out with just the two of us, so we’ve been close since.

After saying goodbye, Luke and I stuck around Disney Springs. We took our time looking around inside the stores but not buying much at first. At some point, it started POURING rain – and of course our rain coats were back in our hotel room. We had to make a dash from store to store trying to stay dry. We ended up spending over an hour at World of Disney, I had to look at everything! I ended up spending quite a bit of money there on souvenirs haha…

Minnie and Mickey mugs for my grandmother:


A new sweater for myself:


A pair of Mickey head wine stoppers:

Image result for mickey wine stoppers

*Photo credit to a google search*

A picture frame with Mickey heads for my mom

Image result for mickey wooden picture frame

*photo credit to a google search*

and Disney ties/bow ties for my little dog and cats (they won’t fit on my big dog).


After our shopping spree at World of Disney, and a bit of window shopping (while running from store to store in the rain), we realized we were a little bit hungry again. We didn’t want to ruin the late supper we had planned, so we went to Ghiradelli for a little snack. It had been raining for hours by this point, and it was kind of cold so I decided I didn’t want ice cream, and went for the salted caramel hot cocoa. It was so good! It was warm and tasty and exactly what I wanted at that moment :) Luke chose a scoop of chocolate ice cream and a bottle of water. We managed to find a dirty table under the overhang where we could stay dry outside, so we sat and enjoyed our snack. After finishing up, we decided it was time to start heading towards our supper reservation – I was looking forward to this one!

We made a stop at the Christmas store, I love ornaments! I found an All-Star Resort ornament which I plan on taking a fine-tip Sharpie and adding in the dates of our trip.


Luke also found a Wall-E and Eve ornament, which is his favourite Pixar movie.


After paying for our purchases, we went and hopped on a bus to Fort Wilderness – we were heading to the Hoop-dee-doo Musical Revue! It stopped raining while we were on the bus. We had the entire bus to ourselves, so we spent the drive chatting to our bus driver – what a nice lady! She was so helpful and friendly, and explained exactly how to use the Fort Wilderness internal buses to get back to Hoop dee doo. We had about a 10 minute wait before the internal bus came along, and by that point more people had joined us in waiting, all on their way to the same dinner theatre show :)

I didn’t realize how huge Fort Wilderness was! It was a short walk from where the bus dropped us off though, and we were still too early to be let in for the show. We went to the ticket booth to make sure we were good to go, and then we had time to just look around. There was a little shop close by, and I ended up spending $50 on a bracelet and charms…opps! I really liked it though, and ended up wearing the bracelet every day for the rest of our trip!

After waiting for about 15-20 minutes, we were let in for the show. We had a great table in category 2 seats for the last show of the night (the 8:30pm show). It wasn’t even close to being sold out, and it was mainly adults there at that time of day. My review can be found here.

After the show ended, we caught a bus back to the main gate at Fort Wilderness. From there, we hopped on a bus heading to Magic Kingdom, and then from there we had to catch a third bus to get back to All Star Music. The most we had to wait for any of the connections was a few minutes, so not bad at all. By the time we got back to our room, it was after 11pm so we just went straight to bed to prepare for another full day tomorrow!



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