Yak & Yeti Quick Serve – January 12, 2016

Yak & Yeti Local Food Cafe – January 12, 2016 – Lunch​

When we woke up, we had to check out of our hotel, so we had a few snacks from the stuff in our room before turning over our luggage to bell services and heading to Animal Kingdom. After meeting Dug & Russell and using a FP+ for Dinosaur, we realized we were hungry. We decided to stop at the Yak & Yeti quick serve location, and we were one of the first few people in line as they were opening for the day (at 11am).

I ordered the Teriyaki Beef Bowl ($10.99)

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*photo credit to Disney Food Blog*

Luke went for the Korean Stir-fry BBQ Chicken ($9.99).

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*photo credit to EasyWDW*

We were both getting so sick of desserts that we swapped out for a pork egg roll ($3.29) and a side of chicken fried rice ($3.99). I ordered a root beer to drink, and Luke had a Coke ($3.19/each).

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*photo credit to a google search*

Honestly, this was by far the worst meal of the entire trip. The food tasted like microwavable frozen dinners – the beef in mine was tough and chewy, and both were seriously lacking in any sort of flavour. The chicken fried rice was just ok, and the same for the egg roll. I know some people will say “what did you expect, it was cheap”, but I just feel like Disney can do so much better! And I hear reviews all the time about how great the table service Yak & Yeti is, but it’s going to take me a few trips before I can bring myself to add it to my list. As for this quick serve location, I can’t see us ever returning.

I also dislike the paper straws you have to use in AK. I get the whole reasoning behind it, but I’m not a fan of using them.

We used one quick serve credit each, but it would have cost $34.64 before tax if we were paying out of pocket.

The best part of this meal was the sitting area. It was outside, and HUGE! There was a water feature where a bunch of birds were hanging out, so we sat and watched them for a bit.


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