Epcot Rides

  • The American Adventure – located in the American pavilion.  It’s a mixture of animatronics and video that talks about the history of the United States. It’s about 20 minutes long. It is in a dark, air-conditioned large room so it’s a good spot for a quick nap. You’ll usually just need to wait for the next show to start, so never too long of a wait.
  • The Circle of Life – not 100% sure what this is. It’s located in the same building as Soarin’ and Garden Grill and Sunshine Seasons, but we didn’t have time to check it out.
  • Disney Phineas and Ferb: Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure – You can do little mission-type things. It’s meant to give kids something to do in Epcot
  • Ellen’s Energy Adventure – 45 minutes long. We’ve skipped it everytime, and there’s a very strong chance this will be disappearing at some point this year to make room for a newer, more exciting ride.
  • Meet and Greet Anna and Elsa from Frozen – a character meet and greet in the Norway pavilion. One of my favourite ones we did on our 2017 trip, but I love anything to do with Frozen. The lines were never terrible while we were there, thanks to the “magical doors”.
  • Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros – located in the Mexican pavilion. A little boat ride featuring Donald Duck traveling through Mexico. It’s cute, and never has a long line to get on it.
  • Impressions de France – France pavilion. An 18 minute film about the country, and something we’ve never done.
  • Journey into Imagination with Figment – Figment is a little purple dinosaur, and old-school Disney fans love him. The ride is cute, silly but really out-dated. Wait times can vary, but I’d never wait more than 15 minutes for it.
  • Living with the Land – a slow-moving boat ride through some of Disney’s greenhouses. There are some really interesting methods of sustainable gardening, and some of the food you’ll see on this ride is used in Disney restaurants. It is usually a walk-on.
  • Frozen Ever After – located in Norway, and just opened last June. A boat ride through Arendelle. This has by far the longest wait times of any ride in the park. Expect at least an hour – highly recommend a fastpass if this is a ride you want to go on.
  • Mission: SPACE – a motion simulator. There are two different sides to this, the green side and orange side. Green is much tamer, orange is intense. From what I’ve heard, orange has a lot of G-force at one point and a lot of people feel really sick afterwards. We went on the green, and we’re normally fine on rides and still felt a little off just from the “tame” side. Wait times can be much longer for the orange side, green is usually 20 minutes or less.
  • O Canada! – a 14 minute 3600 video celebrating the natural beauty of our country. We watched it, but I don’t think it’s a must every time we go now. Narrated by Martin Short. A little outdated now, which you notice when they talk about “famous” Canadians.
  • Reflections of China – a 13 minute 3600 film about China.
  • The Seas with Nemo & Friends – aa aquarium. There’s a slow-moving ride portion that is Nemo themed, and pretty cute. Take time to look around the aquariums and read/hear about the animals – the manatees are so cute! The ride part typically doesn’t have super long lines, but I wouldn’t wait any more than 15 minutes for it.
  • Soarin’ – Love! This is a flight simulator type thing, that lifts you off the ground and takes you around the World. It’s not fast-moving, it doesn’t involve cray G-force or anything, but it lifts you up to a giant screen. Probably my favourite ride in Epcot. Lines can get long, get there first thing in the morning or use a fastpass. Also, pay attention to the smells when you’re flying over the elephants, Fiji and the Taj Mahal. Mmmm…
  • Spaceship Earth – The ride that takes you inside the giant golf-ball looking thing that is the icon of the park! It’s all about history, but there’s one moment where you’re in a giant room that looks like you’re in space looking down on the Earth with thousands of stars twinkling around you – super cool. The video can be pretty funny! The wait times are never too bad for this, and it’s a must-do on every trip.
  • Test Track – very similar to Radiator Springs Racers at DCA, but Chevrolet sponsored. On-ride photo during the fast part. At the beginning you get to design a car on a screen. One of the few “big rides” at Epcot, so grab a Fastpass to avoid huge lines. Definitely worth doing at least once.
  • Turtle Talk with Crush – Who doesn’t love Crush from Finding Nemo?! This is definitely meant for kids – it’s an interactive show.

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