Olivia’s Cafe Breakfast – January 4, 2017

January 4, 2017 – Olivia’s Cafe Breakfast​

Once we had secured our stay at Old Key West, we started researching it a bit more, and discovered that Olivia’s Cafe was considered a bit of a hidden gem in the Disney dining community. So, obviously we had to check it out! Initially, we had booked this reservation for 8:15am, however once we found out that the Race Expo was opening at noon, not 10am like we had planned, we were able to bump our reservation by an hour to 9:15am – extra sleep!

First of all, OKW is gorgeous! Olivia’s is located in the main building, along an open-air hallway with the main lobby directly across from it. How friggin cute is this restaurant?!


We didn’t have to wait very long before we were led to our table – a booth that easily could have fit 4 people :) It wasn’t super busy, so I didn’t even feel guilty about sitting at a full-sized booth! According to the picture I took of our bill (which I did for just about every meal mainly for this report…), our server’s name was Andres. I don’t remember anything about him, I guess he was good enough that I don’t remember him being terrible, but he wasn’t one of the best we had on this trip either.

I ordered a glass of water, and Luke went for an orange juice. Nothing fancy for either of us, and no pictures either, sorry.

Here’s the menu:


I didn’t really need to even look at the menu, I knew exactly what I was going to order! I ordered the Banana Bread French Toast – topped with Bahamian Banana-Rum syrup, Coconut whipped cream, and served with choice of bacon, sausage or ham ($14).


I went for the ham, which was served with some nice grill marks on it. The ham was ok, but the french toast – oh man! It was so good, but really sweet! It was also a very generous order – remember those are slices of banana bread, so they were quite heavy and dense. I don’t remember any specific coconut flavour from the whipped cream, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t there – it just means I’m not the best at describing tastes sometimes haha.

I would order this again, but only if someone agreed to help me out with eating it. When I finished eating, there was still enough for another meal on my plate…

Luke decided to try the Eggs and Hash: 2 eggs served any-style over sweet potato ham hash, topped with key lime hollandaise, served with a buttermilk biscuit ($13).


He decided on poached eggs, and said they were really well done. He loved this meal, and said he would absolutely order it again! I tried the sweet potato/regular potato ham hash, and it was so delicious! I’m not a huge hollandaise fan, but I tried it and you could really taste the key lime in it – it wasn’t overpowering, but it added a nice little something to it. The biscuit was just ok, especially after the amazing ones we had the night before at Homecoming…

Our bill came to $32.48 after tax. We both left this meal full and happy :)

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