Cafe Orleans – January 30, 2017

Cafe Orleans – Lunch – January 30, 2017

After really enjoying our meal here a few days prior, we checked the app and were able to get another reservation at Cafe Orleans no problem!

Both times we ate here, we heard them turning away anyone who didn’t have a reservation (or letting them know it would be at least a 45 minute wait until they could seat them) – so make a reservation if you’re interested in eating here!

This time we were at a small table inside the restaurant – there are not very many tables inside, it’s really tiny in there!

Here’s the menu, even though we knew exactly what we were going to order:

We both went for an order of their Pommes Frites – Traditional French Fried Potatoes tossed with Parmesan, Garlic, and Parsley served with Cajun Spice Remoulade.

These are so good. I love shoestring-style fries, and the gar-parm coating is delicious! I once again just shoved the cajun remoulade off to the side, I don’t feel that it really adds anything to them – they have more than enough flavour on their own!

Of course, we also both had to had a mint julep!

I had already drank some of mine by the time I remembered to take a picture… these things are amazing (and bottomless!). I think my glass ended up being refilled like four times (and we didn’t spend that much time there).

I have heard that in the few weeks since we were there, the recipe for the mint juleps has changed, and that makes me so sad if it’s true 🙁

Since we weren’t ordering full meals, we tried to eat as quickly as possible, and we also let our waitress know so she wouldn’t need to keep coming over to check on us.

Since I had the Premier Annual Passport, we saved 15% off our bill. Our bill was under $20 for 2 mint juleps and 2 orders of fries, and it was exactly what we wanted and it tasted amazing.

Cafe Orleans has solidified itself as one of our must-do’s on our Disneyland trips 🙂

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