Via Napoli – Supper – January 8, 2017

After watching the animatronic show about US history in the American Pavilion, we had to rush to get over to the Italian Pavilion to get to our reservation on time. We made it, and checked in at the booth about a minute before our reservation at 6:35pm…and then stood around for 20 minutes. That place was slammed! So many people were trying to get in without a reservation, and were being turned away – there were some angry people.

We were finally led to our table, a little 2-top against a wall. I had read so many fantastic reviews of this place, I was really looking forward to trying it.

Shortly after being seated, a young man approached us to offer water. Luke took him up on his offer of sparkling water, and ordered a bottle of it.

Yes, I forgot to take a picture of it until later. I think carbonated water is one of the most disgusting things ever created, so I did not try any of this. Luke seemed to enjoy it though. This bottle cost $5.

Here’s a picture of the menu:

Once again, we had read the menu prior to our trip, and knew exactly what we wanted to eat.

To drink, I ordered a Blood Orange Acqua Frescas – our signature house-made fruit juice cooler, $6

This thing was delicious! Our server was really trying to push us into buying alcohol, but neither one of us were feeling like it at this point. Then we apparently angered our server even more by ordering a large pepperoni pizza to split instead of separate entrees…

Let’s start by saying this pizza was really tasty! I love Neapolitan style pizza more than any other kind, and this one did not disappoint.

Now for the bad – our actual server didn’t even bring it to us – another server did. Our server did not stop by even once to check on us to ask if everything was ok, or if we needed anything else. Had he come by, I would have probably ordered another one of those blood orange drinks. We saw him checking in on the other tables he was serving around us multiple times, but not once did he acknowledge us after taking our order. We assume it was because we weren’t drinking and our total bill wasn’t going to be very expensive compared to what other tables were spending – but I find this very unacceptable. Then, once we finished our pizza, we ended up sitting there for awhile before he finally reappeared with our bill – without even asking if we wanted anything else. How did he know we didn’t want to order dessert or a coffee or something? (We didn’t want those things, but a server should not just assume that). It was very clear he just wanted us out of there as quickly as possible so he could get someone else at the table. I do understand that they were extremely busy, but I expect so much more from a waiter working at Disney.

Our total bill came to $46.54. The pizza was great, but the service left a lot to be desired. We did leave a tip, but not even close to what we typically leave. I imagine we’ll be back to eat there again one day, but it’s not at the top of our list.

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