Garden Grill – Supper – January 4, 2017

We enjoyed this meal so much on our January 2016 trip that we made it one of the few repeat restaurants on our January 2017 trip. We also figured it would be a good option for the night before our 5km race – not that a 5km is that hard, but I knew I didn’t want to be eating greasy, deep-fried foods the night before my first ever runDisney event.

We checked in for our 4:50 reservation pretty much on time, and didn’t wait long before being led to our table – a 4 seater on the top level (same as the year before). According to the time stamp on the following picture, we were at our table by 4:56 (with a cute hidden Mickey formed out of a plate and 2 bowls).

For those not familiar, Garden Grill is a pre-set menu served at your table family style. The restaurant itself revolves around The Land – but it is very slow and you barely notice the movement.

The first thing your server brings to your table are the warm buns – which are fairly basic, but I will rarely complain about warm white bread served with soft butter!

Next up is the salad, some of which is made with ingredients grown by Disney themselves. Immediately, we placed all of the egg, the radishes and the cherry tomatoes on Luke’s plate, I don’t like any of those things haha. But, there’s still plenty in this salad for me to eat – fresh mixed greens, cucumbers, bacon!, shredded carrots, etc. I also like the light dressing they put on this. I’m pretty sure we cleaned out this entire bowl.

Then the main platter comes out – turkey, green beans, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing, sausage and pot roast. The presentation was different from the previous trip, and the beef option was different, but everything was still so delicious!

They also drop off some side dishes – sweet potato fries and mac n’ cheese with Goldfish crackers.

Since it is a family-style meal, you can ask for seconds of any item you wish – we asked for more green beans and pot roast. We were both hungry clearly – here’s the empty plate that had our second helping of beef and beans haha –

Here’s the picture Luke took of our food:

I tried the mac and cheese again this year – I’m still not a huge fan… The sweet potato fries are ok, but kind of unnecessary with everything else. The mashed potatoes were good and creamy, the turkey was nothing special, but we ate it all, the gravy on it was fairly standard turkey gravy.  The stuffing was good. I let Luke eat all of the sausage, since I’m not a huge fan (and it wasn’t huge anyways). The green beans were clearly cooked in lots of butter/oil – making them delicious! And the pot roast was so tender – yum!

Once you’re stuffed, they bring out dessert:

A mixed berry shortcake. This is sooo good! There are large sugar granules on the cake which is just so amazing mixed with the tartness of the berries. We weren’t able to finish this, but we made a decent dent in it!

Of course, this is also a character meal! So while you are eating, Chip, Dale, Pluto and Farmer Mickey are making their rounds to say hello.

This was the tiniest little Mickey! I’m only 5’2, and you can see above that I’m taller than this Cast Member…

This is not a cheap meal, as with all character meals the cost is $45/person. You leave stuffed though! We will definitely eat there again at some point.

Also – there is a hidden Mickey in the mural on one wall. It’s a tough one, but once you see it, you can’t un-see it!


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