Peco’s Bill’s – Lunch, January 5, 2017

After our crazy early morning and completing my first ever 5km, and a few busy hours at Magic Kingdom, we realized we were hungry. So, we had to go to one of our favourite quick service locations – Peco’s Bills!

Luke decided to keep it the same as last year, and ordered the fajita platter – with barbacoa beef and chicken, cilantro rice, beans, and tortillas, $14.99.

The main difference from 2016 to 2017 was the meat. In 2016, we had a choice of beef or chicken, but in 2017 you receive both on the platter. I believe you can still request all one or the other, but it’s nice to have the option of both!

I went for an option that wasn’t on the menu in 2016 – the beef nachos – tortilla chips topped with seasoned ground beef, tomatoes and lettuce, $11.99. Of course I requested mine sans tomato – because gross!

The nachos do not come with cheese, but this is a very easy fix – Peco’s Bill’s has a really fantastic “fixin’s bar” – they have little plastic cups and self-serve salsa, shredded cheese, guac, sour cream, etc. Here’s our food and tray after our visit to the fixin’s:

Not pictured is the large Coke we purchased to share, $3.29.

We didn’t realize until we sat down just how tired we were. It had been such an early morning, and once we sat down, it took awhile before we were ready to stand up again haha.

This meal was fantastic once again, and easily remains one of our favourite food options at Magic Kingdom! I love that the fajitas are build your own – so you can add as much or as little as you’d like (you receive 3 flour tortillas – that’s what’s inside that tin foil), and the nachos were super basic – which is right up my alley!

Our total cost for both of us was $32.24.

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