T-Rex, Lunch – January 5, 2017

After waking up at an ungodly hour, and putting way more steps on my Fitbit than I care for, we were both exhausted by the time this reservation rolled around. We thought about cancelling it, we weren’t even that hungry after just eating at Peco’s Bills a few hours earlier, but we also really wanted to see the inside of this restaurant – who doesn’t love dinosaurs?!

So, after leaving Magic Kingdom and heading back to Old Key West to change, we made our way over to Disney Springs to check in at T-Rex.

That place was slammed! And our reservation was at 2pm – not exactly peak time for lunch… luckily we did have a reservation so we only waited about 10 minutes before being called.

We were led to a little two-top table right beside a – whatever this dinosaur is. Triceratops? Let’s go with that. (I actually don’t know much about dinosaurs…)

The menu had lots of things that appealed to me, but I was so exhausted I didn’t think I could eat much of anything.

We looked at their cocktail list, and most of it sounded amazing but I just wasn’t feeling it at that point. So, I ordered a fancy glass bottle root beer ($4.99) and a glass of water.

Luke got way too excited about ordering a Blue Raspberry Icee, $4.99. If you read my Disneyland trip report from his birthday, you’ll see he also ordered an Icee the night we went to the movie theater – they don’t sell them in Canada so he has to get one whenever he has the chance in the States. He also ordered a coffee (not pictured), $3.79

Despite not being hungry, one item on the appetizer menu was calling my name – Mega Mozzarella – seared mozzarella, marinara and mozzarella fingers, $9.99

Just look at that beautiful plate of cheese! This was nothing special, but it was exactly what I wanted at that point, and Luke was kind enough to spilt it with me (eating that much cheese all at once would make me sick!). The mozzarella fingers (finger? who calls them that? They are mozzarella sticks!) were standard but delicious. I had never heard of seared mozzarella before, but it was exactly as described, and quite tasty!

We also decided we needed to share a dessert, so we ordered this beauty:

This is the Ice Age Indulgence – layers of ice cream sandwiches, fudge sauce, whipped topping, Heath Bar Crunch, $9.99 (for two). This was awesome! It’s a very generous serving, and is definitely meant for two people. It was so good.

The total for our meal was $35.20 – pretty cheap meal!

The restaurant itself was really awesome!

This was not a very exciting meal, but we were so tired we would not have enjoyed a full meal. After we paid our bill, we actually went back to OKW and had a long-overdue nap that was wonderful…

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