‘Ohana – Supper – January 7, 2017

When we made our ADR’s, we decided on ‘Ohana for our non-park day, since it was the day Luke would be running the half marathon and we figured he would be hungry. Of course, the half marathon was cancelled but we still stuck with our initial plan of having a non-park day, and kept all of our planned meals the same.

‘Ohana is located at the Polynesian Resort, and is one of the most difficult ADR’s to secure, this place books up quickly. We booked this within minutes of our 180 day window opening up – highly recommended if you want to eat here.

After enjoying a few drinks at Trader Sam’s (click to read that review), we headed upstairs to check in for our ‘Ohana supper. I’ve read horror stories of people waiting an hour or more past their reservation before being seated, but we only had to wait maybe 5 minutes before being buzzed.

As a hostess led us to our table, she pointed out the fire pits where the meats are cooked, and then stopped to pick up a loaf of the pineapple coconut bread.

The only adjective I can give this is ok. You can definitely taste the pineapple, which gives this bread a bit of a sweet taste, but they don’t give you butter for it so it’s just dry bread. Not my thing, I ate a single little piece and that was enough. No worries though, I knew there was still more than enough food coming to fill me up!

For drinks, I kept it simple and had a glass of water and a Coke. Luke had the same.

They also brought us some warm towels, but I’m not fancy enough to even know what to do with those….

Next, we were brought out a salad, which I believe had a passion fruit vinaigrette on it. This was good, it was salad, but I didn’t plan on filling up on this. I believe Luke and I finished all of this though.

Next up was this giant platter of food:

This had stir-fry veggies, teriyaki noodles, pot stickers and honey coriander chicken wings. I’m not a huge fan of chicken wings, so I only ate one of those, but the veggies and noodles were amazing! The pot stickers were also really great!

While we were loading up our plates with food from this platter, they came around with the skewers of steak, chicken and shrimp. I don’t eat anything from the sea, but Luke tried a shrimp (despite the fact he has a mild shellfish allergy…). I took one piece of chicken, but I wasn’t a huge fan since it was thigh meat – I’m definitely a white meat only person when it comes to chicken. I knew the steak would not be cooked to my liking, so I asked our server if I could have some well-done pieces (they typically serve medium). A few minutes later, our server came back with steak they cooked extra long just for me 🙂

It was cooked perfectly well done, and was so tasty! At some point we were asked if we wanted more of anything from the platter with noodles, and we just asked for everything haha. I seriously loved those noodles! And it was nice to eat some vegetables, broccoli is one of my favourites.

Once we had finished stuffing our faces, it was time for dessert! And oh man, was I looking forward to this one! ‘Ohana bread pudding with banana foster caramel sauce – yum!

This is what it looks like when it first comes out:

And a close up of the sauce:

And after pouring that amazing sauce all over it:

This was seriously amazing. It’s also a HUGE serving, and we were barely able to put a dent into that thing. So, so, so good though!

This is a pricier meal, at $45/person but it is something I would not hesitate to do again – I’m hoping to add it to our plans for our next trip in 2018 🙂




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