Cafe Orleans – January 27, 2017

After listening to some animatronic birds sing to us, it was time to go check in for our lunch reservation. We had a 1pm reservation at Cafe Orleans, and the place was insanely busy when we got over there. We actually had to stand in a line just to check-in for our reservation, and there were a few people in the line who did not have a reservation, so they seemed to be pretty angry when they were informed they would not be able to get in that afternoon. Ugh, people just make a reservation!

We had a bit of a wait, so we went exploring a bit so we could find this door! Maybe one day we’ll actually get to enter the door…

Anyways, it was almost 1:30 before we were led to our table, a 4-top right by the main pathway (a perfect location for people watching!). As always, we had looked at the menu online before our trip, so we had a pretty good idea of exactly what we wanted to order.

We both started with a mint julep , $3.49 (and since we were inside the Disneyland park, these were virgin due to it being a dry park (the only place to buy alcohol in that park is inside Club 33).

These were so good, and they were bottomless! I think I drank about 4 of them while we were there…

For my meal, I decided to skip an entree and just order two appetizers. First up was the Pommes Frites – traditional French Fried Potatoes tossed with Parmesan, Garlic, and Parsley served with Cajun Spice Remoulade, $7.

I tried that cajun remoulade dip it came with, but I wasn’t a fan at all. However, it was not required – these fries were amazing and had so much flavour without it. Shoestring fries are also my favourite. Yum!

My other choice was a strange one – I ordered their French Onion Soup – sauteed sweet-onion medley in a traditional broth with croutons and melted gruyere $10.

Why I ordered this is beyond me – I don’t even like onions. I’ve ate french onion soup in the past, but I mainly just sip the broth and eat the cheese off the top. It’s not something I have ever ordered at a restaurant though, and probably something I won’t order again. This was ok, but it was nothing compared to those fries!

Luke decided to order an actual entree, and went for the Chicken Muffuletta Sandwich – Cajun-spiced chicken breast, Black Forest ham, capicola, salami, provolone cheese, olive salad, and roasted red pepper mayonnaise on a sesame seed bun served with house-made seasoned chips. $21

Luke liked this, but said it was really nothing special (especially for the price). I stole a few of his chips – they were good, but again, nothing special.

Once we finished eating, our waitress came over with a Mickey-shaped beignet for Luke’s birthday! There was a lit candle in a pile of whipped cream with Mickey sprinkles and everything!

We had planned on buying some beignets on this trip at some point, so it was even better when it was free haha. I know they are typically sold in 3’s, but honestly the one was enough for us to share. It was good, but I might only be saying that because of how much icing sugar was on it…

The total cost for our meal was $41.74 after a 15% discount thanks to my annual pass. We actually made a reservation and came back here a few days later – those mint juleps were calling our names! You can read that review here.


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