Flame Tree BBQ – Lunch – January 10, 2017

We had ate a large breakfast at Boma, but it was not enough to hold us over until our late supper reservation at Saana, so we decided to just share something from Flame Tree BBQ.

Neither one of us were starving, we’d had a lot of excitement that day, so we decided to just share an order of French Fries with pulled pork and cheese, $6.49

I was not expecting the cheese to be liquid plastic cheese, but it was fine. The pulled pork was pretty good for a quick service location, and I liked the BBQ sauce that was drizzled over top of everything. Also, the fries were shoestring, which is my favourite!

The outdoor seating here is plentiful, and it was no problem at all to find a seat (especially since we were there at a non-peak time – I think it was sometime between 3-4 when we were there). There were quite a few birds hanging around the area, waiting to steal some of our fries though…

The total for our fries was $6.92 after tax. It was not bad, considering it was enough food to hold us over until our supper reservation later that evening 🙂

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