Boma – Breakfast – January 10, 2017

We had an 8:15am reservation at Boma, which would have required a very early wakeup in order to catch a bus to Animal Kingdom, and then to Animal Kingdom Lodge. After the drinks the night before, we decided that a 6am alarm sounded terrible and it would be worth the cost of an Uber in order in sleep in a bit more haha.

We called an Uber, and it was definitely worth the $15 to not have to leave our hotel room until 7:45am.

We were dropped off at Jambo House, and went in to check in for our reservation. What a beautiful resort, it’s definitely on my short list to stay at one day!

We headed downstairs and checked in.

We did not have to wait long after checking in before we were led to our table. We both ordered some Jungle Juice (or POG juice – passionfruit orange guava) before we went to hit the buffet.

My first plate was pretty straight forward – tater tots, deli meat, cheddar cheese, sliced turkey and bacon. All of this was unsurprisingly really tasty!

I also had a made-to-order omelet with ham, bacon and cheese. I don’t eat eggs very often, but I had a craving that morning and this was perfect! I actually ate most of this, I really enjoyed it.

Luke’s first plate was a little more adventurous than mine. Starting at 12 o’clock and going clockwise, he had plantains, turkey bobotie, oak grilled asparagus, goat cheese scrambled eggs, carved ham with a spicy African mustard of some kind, smoked salmon, bacon and a sausage. After loving the bobotie at Tusker House, Luke was excited about trying it again, and he really liked it (he even said the Boma one had more spices than the one at Tusker House). He cleared his plate and thought everything was really delicious.

Luke also tried the African Fruit Salad, which he described as a fairly standard fruit salad with a yogurt-type dressing.

Luke also ordered a coffee at some point.

I also had to take a picture of the salt and pepper shakers, the bright colours made me happy 🙂

Luke’s second plate had more goat cheese scrambled eggs, more turkey bobotie and some of the french toast bread pudding. The bread pudding was amazing, and the other two things were his second helpings, so obviously he was a fan!

My second plate had more carved turkey, some of the french toast bread pudding, asparagus and a few pastries. OMG – that bread pudding was delicious (once I picked out out the gross disgusting raisins…). I went a little lighter on the sauce than Luke did, but it was so amazingly good (although quite sweet!).

Mmm, this was a really fantastic breakfast, even if I didn’t really venture out to many different things. We would both go back without question!

The cost of this meal was $25 each, and it came to $53.25 for the both of us after tax.


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