Olivia’s Cafe – Supper – January 6, 2017

We wanted to try Olivia’s Cafe for both breakfast and dinner, and we figured the night before the half marathon was the best time to schedule a dinner. This forced us to be back at Old Key West at a fairly decent time, and we knew from looking at the menu that it would have lots of great options for Luke the night before a big race.

Our reservation was at 6:30pm. We ended up checking in a few minutes late, due to waiting for a bus at Animal Kingdom, but the hostess assured us it was ok (I was worried we’d be charged the no-show fee and be unable to be seated – we were at least 15 minutes late). We ended up only waiting a few minutes before being led to our table, a 4-top close to the hostess stand.

A few minutes later, a waitress came over apologizing, and told us our actual waitress had a large table and would be another few minutes, but was willing to get us any drinks we might want. We weren’t in any rush, we knew once we finished our meal we were just heading back to our room to go to bed so we were not upset by our waitress taking a few minutes to reach us.

I was boring, and ordered a glass of water and a Coke.

Luke also ordered a glass of water, and a Turtle Krawl – Siesta Key White Rum, Parrot Bay Coconut Rum, and Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum with grenadine, Pineapple, Orange, and Key Lime Juices, $9.75. He was celebrating his half marathon before it happened haha! He enjoyed it, and did finish it all.

Now on to the food! Here’s the menu:

First, they brought us out some warm rolls and butter. There was nothing special about these, but I love my carbs!

Luke ordered the Southernmost Buttermilk Chicken – mashed potatoes, southern gravy and seasonal vegetables, $18.

This was pretty good, but since we had just been to Homecoming a few days prior this couldn’t even compare to that amazing chicken. The southern gravy was really great and full of flavour. The breading could have been a little crispier than it was (but we assume it had to sit under a heat lamp since I asked for my meal well-done). Overall though, Luke was pleased with this meal, and it is one of the cheapest options on the menu. He says he would order this again!

I ordered the Slow-cooked Prime Rib – 10oz cut with Olivia’s potatoes, seasonal vegetables and cabernet demi-glace $32. I specifically asked for this to be cooked well done, and it wasn’t an issue at all – and came out cooked perfectly! I was also very happy when I saw that the “seasonal veggies” were beans and carrots – two of my favourites! (I have such simple tastes haha).

As for those Olivia’s potatoes – oh emm gee. I can’t believe I actually just typed that, but I don’t know how else to describe them. So freakin’ good. They were thinly sliced and layered – basically scalloped potatoes. Mmm, they were so amazing they deserve a close-up:

Our waitress was very apologetic, since she was serving a very large party, but we really didn’t mind or care at all. When she brought us our receipt though, she had given us a 10% discount for “making us wait”, which was really nice of her! If we were in a rush to get somewhere, I’m sure the speed would have bothered us a bit more, but we were busying checking the internet and discovering the news about the cancelled half marathon.

We both love this restaurant, it has a great ambiance and a decent menu. It’s considered a bit of a hidden gem on Disney property, since people don’t typically travel to Old Key West just to check it out, but the restaurant was fairly full this night! This restaurant is one of the reasons we love OKW so much <3

The total for our bill (after the 10% discount) was $61.66.

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