Amorette’s Patisserie – January 2017

Located in Disney Springs, Amorette’s Patisserie is a high-end pastry shop that makes beautiful desserts. We decided to stop in before making our way over to the Polynesian Resort, and I’m so glad we did!

It’s not a huge store, but there are these long glass display cases showing off the amazingness:

The way they package up your purchases is even nice! It’s a really high quality bag that’s really pretty on the sides, and then they top it with some tissue paper.

I guess they didn’t have any small boxes the day we were there, since one of our treats came in this giant box haha.

Inside that giant box was this little tiny Mickey Mousse – Chocolate chiffon cake, chocolate pudding and white chocolate mousse, $8. We didn’t eat this until the next day, so it was a little beat up from being carried around (which is why the little yellow dots appear to be falling off).

The little details were so great on this – the chocolate ears, the cute little tail..

And then you get to the inside of this. Oh man, this was so good. I’m not sure if the red was fondant – if it is, it’s the best tasting fondant I’ve ever had. Luke and I shared this – it wasn’t huge, but there’s no way I could have ate the entire thing myself.

The other thing we picked up was the Petit Amorette’s Cake – eleven layers of red velvet cake, cherry mousse, chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, raspberry pate de fruit jelly and Italian buttercream, $15. This came boxed up in a nice little box to keep it safe.

This little cake was so beautiful! We bought this on a Saturday, and then carried it around in our backpack for days before finally digging in to it – it made for a great little celebratory snack on Tuesday after we got engaged 🙂

For being such a tiny little cake, it really did have eleven layers! It’s hard to really count all the layers in the picture below, but you can see that there’s a lot! This was so amazing, it remained moist even days later!

Amorette’s is not a cheap option, but it’s a very tasty one that I highly recommend checking out!

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