Artist’s Palette – Breakfast – January 12, 2017

The Artist’s Palette is a cute little quick serve restaurant located at Saratoga Springs Resort. On our last day of our trip, we had to catch the Tragical Express around 11am. We checked out, and had tons of time to kill so we headed to The Artist’s Palette to grab some breakfast.

I try not to eat very much on travel days due to my Crohn’s, I’d rather not be faced with an emergency while the seatbelt sign is on while flying – so I just keep my stomach mainly empty. It’s probably not the best thing, but it works for me, and it’s only for a day.

I did decide I’d grab some food and just eat it later on the plane if I was hungry, so I picked up one of their pre-packaged Chicken Caesar Wraps, $7.99. This was very straight forward and basic (AKA: perfect for me!), and just contained chicken, lettuce and croutons on a spinach wrap. I really liked that the dressing was something you added yourself, so it didn’t get soggy by the time I got around to eating it.

Luke loves his breakfast food, so he ordered the Country Omelet – $9.29. I actually can’t find this on the menu any longer, but I believe it had onions, sausage and peppers in it? It was also served with breakfast potatoes (which I helped him eat haha).

This meal was nothing special, but it was good, and enough food to hold Luke over. I did end up eating my wrap on the plane.

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