Whispering Canyon Cafe – January 11, 2017

On our last full day at disney, we had decided to make a lunch reservation for Whispering Canyon Cafe, located at the Wilderness Lodge. The menu appealed to the picky eater in me, and it gave us an excuse to check out another one of Disney’s resorts!

Our reservation was at 1:15, so we decided to leave Magic Kingdom around noon – it was starting to get pretty busy in there. We walked out and caught the boat to Wilderness Lodge – I love the boats at Disney, they are such a nice, relaxing way to travel around!

We obviously arrived early for our reservation, which gave us a bit of time to look around the resort – so pretty, even with all the construction going on! We still checked in fairly early, and we were seated by about 12:45 (we had built in a decent buffer of time in case we had a long wait for a boat or something – which we didn’t).

We had read about this restaurant, and knew the schtick that went with eating here. Our waitress was an older lady, and the first time she came over to our table she grabbed the shopping bag I had from a new shirt I had bought on Main Street as we were exiting Magic Kingdom, and started rummaging through the bag. She pulled out my shirt and held it up to the table behind us and shouted at two young boys “IS THIS A PIKACHU?!” Apparently the boys were playing Pokemon Go, and the waitress was trying to help them out haha.

After returning my shirt to the bag, she pulled out one of the extra chairs at our table and flopped down to take our drink order (which were boring – Coke and a glass of water for Luke, root beer and a glass of water for me – $3.49 for each pop). The drinks were served in mason jars.

The restaurant wasn’t that busy, but our table was in a weird spot (kind of in the middle of a bunch of other tables?), which made it difficult for our waitress to reach our table. She also had a fairly large group that she was attending to which seemed to take quite a bit of her time, so after she took our orders there wasn’t much interaction with us.

We both ordered the same thing – the Seasonal All-You-Care-To-Enjoy Skillet, $23. Since we both ordered it, this was served family style on a large platter, and contained corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, baked beans, pork ribs, pulled pork, chicken and sausage.

I don’t like baked beans, so those were all for Luke. The chicken was good. I’m not a huge ribs person, but I did eat some of these ones and liked them. The pulled pork was a little dry, but I just kept eating it in the same mouthful as the mashed potatoes (which were awesome, so nice and creamy). I’m not a huge sausage person, so that was also just for Luke, and the corn on the cob was just standard, but good.


Since this was all-you-care-to-enjoy, you could ask at any point for more of anything. I asked for more chicken, and Luke requested more ribs at one point. By the time we finished eating we were both stuffed, and definitely did not have room for dessert!

The total for our bill came to $56.43 after tax.

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