Cove Bar – January 30, 2017

One place we both wanted to check out on this trip to Disneyland was the Cove Bar, located in Disney’s California Adventure on the pier beside Ariel’s Grotto Restaurant.

We’ve heard it can get quite busy at times, especially in the evenings, but we barely had a wait at all. Mind you, it was a Monday night in January, but still.

We were led to a 4-seat table with an amazing view of the pier!

The menus were really nice here:

There’s not a huge food menu here, but there are a few options.

As much as I love nachos, the only option there had lobster on it – which is something I don’t eat and Luke is allergic to, so we decided to split the Spinach and Artichoke Dip instead. Spinach and Artichoke Dip – a creamy blend of roasted artichoke hearts, sauteed spinach and onions with parmesan, jack and cream cheese served with fresh house-made tortilla chips, $11

The homemade chips were really good, and so was the dip! It wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, but it hit the spot and held us over until our supper later that evening.

Obviously, the main focus of the Cove Bar are the drinks! We knew about the “hidden menu” and we were trying to pull it up on my phone when the waiter came over. He laughed when he realized what we were trying to look at (my phone was just not cooperating at that moment!), reached into his pocket and pulled out a little laminated version of the secret menu.

Of course, I had to order the Fun Wheel ($12) from the secret menu! This thing is so much fun to look at, it was made to be Instagrammed!

This fun layered drink is (according to the Google search I just did) – pineapple juice (the yellow layer of course), passion fruit vodka (that thin layer of pink) and then blue curacao mixed with traditional long island iced tea ingredients (vodka, rum, gin). Then it’s topped off with a bit of soda water and finally some foam (I believe it was lemon or lime or some combination of the two). The name also comes from Mickey’s Fun Wheel due to all the fun colours!

Here’s our view of the Fun Wheel from our table. It’s so pretty all lit up at night!

Luke ordered the Black Pearl from the secret menu – vodka, gin, rum, sweet and sour, chambord and sprite.  It also had it’s ingredients layered to make it look really pretty, $10.

Luke’s drink was sweet without being too sweet, and strong without being too strong. It was good!

We had a final Fastpass to get to, so we only had the one drink each before settling up our bill. The total came to $33.78, since my annual pass gave us 15% off the spinach dip.

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