Tipsy Ducks in Love – January 8, 2017

Joy of Tea – China Pavilion at Epcot

Bourbon Whisky, coffee, black tea, cream and chocolate syrup $8.95.

This sounded like all kinds of disgusting to me, so I’ll let Luke tell the story of this drink (which I didn’t even make him share).

This drink is like drops of heaven providing resuscitation to your yearning tastebuds. It’s so divine, the woman behind me in line literally stole the first one the folks at the stand made for me. I wanted to be upset at Tammy from St. Louis (that’s the backstory I gave the thief of this cunning stunt), but dang was she right to risk a life of crime for this ambrosia-like concoction. I would drink this in a boat, I would drink this in a moat. I do like Tipsy Ducks in Love. I do like it something above. They free pour the bourbon, the creamy and chocolate combination compliment each other perfectly and this is the best thing China has given the world since cute bears who’re too lazy to hump to save their species. I bet if pandas had a few tipsy ducks in love they’re fornicate  like rabbits in the year of the cock.

I didn’t get a second one of these because I have an affinity for making poor choices. Never don’t get Tipsy Ducks in Love at Epcot. That’s a fool move worthy of Mr. T’s pity.

I want one right now. I’d pay $8.95US for it (+4.95 shipping + 6.5% state sales tax).

I bet Tammy from St. Louis is sucking one of these back now while she gives a shit about the Cardinals. God… Tammy is the worst. She’s the antithesis of Tipsy Ducks in Love.

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