Rainforest Cafe – Lunch – January 28, 2017

We weren’t planning on eating at Rainforest Cafe, but the parks were busy and crowded, and we were getting hungry. We knew we had a supper reservation later that day, so we knew we didn’t want a huge meal, just a little something to hold us over. We headed to Rainforest Cafe without a reservation, but the wait wasn’t terrible at all (it was around 2pm at this point – so an off-time for meals).

We waited about 10-15 minutes before our names were called, and we were told to head upstairs.

Once we reached the top of the stairs, we had to wait to be led to our table. Again, not a long wait.

We decided it was a perfect time to enjoy some drinks – I went for the Strawberry Mojito – Cruzan strawberry rum, strawberry puree and sweet and sour muddled with fresh mint and lime, topped with Sprite -served in a souvenir glass, $13.99. After we finished our meal, I just had to take my receipt downstairs to the gift shop where they gave me a brand new glass wrapped up securely in a box. I really like that the glass actually says “Downtown Disney Anaheim” on it to distinguish it from other Rainforest Cafe locations.

This drink was good! I’m a sucker for anything strawberry, and any drinks containing flavoured rum. This wasn’t the greatest mojito I’ve ever had, but it hit the spot!

Luke decided to go for the Citrus Mule – tito’s handmade vodka, patron citronge orange liqueur, fresh lime juice, fever-tree ginger beer, $12. I always love the mugs that mule drinks are served in!

Our table was close to the elephant section of the restaurant, which I quite enjoyed. Just so you know though – this place is loud! It’s a large restaurant to begin with, then you add all the animatronic animals squonking and squealing every once in awhile – yeah, it’s not the place to go for a romantic night out. It’s definitely cool though!

Since we knew we were only a few hours away from our supper reservation, we decided to just split the Awesome Appetizer Adventure – chimi-cha-chas, spinach and artichoke dip, cheese sticks, chicken strips, guacamole, $19.99.

I let Luke have the chimi-cha-chas – they looked good, but there were a few too many things in them that I don’t like, so I didn’t want to spend that much time picking out the yucky things (I can be a difficult eater…). I also don’t like guacamole, so that scoop was all for Luke as well. Everything else, we split. The chicken strips and cheese sticks were both good – Rainforest Cafe kitchen workers know how to cook things in oil until they float. The spinach dip was ok, I’ve had better – but we still finished this bowl of it off!

Luke decided to go for a second drink, and ordered a Coronarita – a frozen margarita topped with a bottle of Corona, $12.99.

My annual pass gave us 10% off our food, so $2 off our appetizer platter. Our total bill came to $61.39 – almost $40 of which was alcohol – oops!

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