Plaza Inn – Breakfast – January 28, 2017

This was our earliest day of our trip, we had a reservation at the Plaza Inn at 7:10am (so early!).

We checked in and paid for our meal ($32 each, minus the 15% we saved using my annual pass – so $58.62 after tax). We were led to a cute little table beside a window.

We were actually some of the first people in the restaurant that morning, it almost seemed like there were more characters around than people haha. Since the place was practically empty, some of the characters were sitting down at a table waiting for guests to arrive, and they waved us over, so Luke sat down and got this picture.

As people started coming into the restaurant, a few of the characters started moving off to meet them. I still managed to get this picture though 🙂

The food here for breakfast is a buffet, but it wasn’t self serve, the cast members serve you whatever you’d like. Since there was so much going on with the characters, I failed miserably at taking pictures of our food at this meal…

I did have half a slice of french toast and a Mickey waffle, and that little cup to the top right is syrup. I also had a made-to-order omelet which I forgot to take a picture of until I was half finished it. I definitely ate more than that, but I didn’t take pictures – I know I had some fruit at one point.

This is the only picture I have of Luke’s food. Isn’t it a wonderful shot? It looks like he had some eggs, some ham…and some other stuff?

When you check in and pay for your meal, you are given a button that says Plaza Inn. I love that they do this at Disneyland! These came home with us, and are currently living in the memory box I have for this trip.

And now – the main reason anyone goes to the Plaza Inn for breakfast – the characters! We’ve done quite a few character meals now, but this was unlike any other. Most character meals have 4-5 characters present – this one had 10! Yes, 10! And they were quite diverse… I can’t remember the exact order we saw them in, but we did see most of them more than once.

#1. Captain Hook

#2. Winnie-the-Pooh

#3. Fairy Godmother – she was adorable! She noticed my engagement ring and got really excited when she found out we had only been engaged for a few weeks. When we told her we were getting married at Walt Disney World, she told us that we would have to come back and honeymoon with her.

#4. Max

#5. Minnie Mouse

#6. Eeyore – he was actually the last one we saw, he just happened to be passing by us as we were leaving so we stopped for selfies <3


#7. Chip (I guess we didn’t get a pic of just him and Luke – only the group shot seen above)


#8. Dale – he was awesome! For some reason, he figured he should tie the strings on Luke’s hoody into a knot haha… he was so proud of his work!


#9. Tigger

#10. Rafiki – he was comparing beards with Luke haha!

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