Empties – February – June 2017

I was trying to do this every 4 months, but this one is for 5 months because I was lazy and didn’t want to take pictures at the end of May…and then of course it took me half of July to get around to writing this post…

The first time I documented my empties was back in September 2014 over on my old blog. I did it off and on for the next year or so, but just recently started doing it as more of a quarterly thing. If you’re interested in seeing my old posts about this, you can see them here:

Now, on to the things we finished off during this 5 month span. Worth noting – I was diagnosed with psoriasis during this time, and have just recently started using normal shampoo again (interspersed with medicated shampoo) – so you won’t see many empty shampoo bottles (but don’t worry, we did shower over the past few months!).

The bin was fairly full, as it should be when we’re talking about a five month span.

Hand soap (all from Bath & Body, of course…). Scents finished off:

  • Sea Salt Citrus (I love citrus scents)
  • Fresh Sparkling Snow
  • Citrus Sun Shine
  • Vanilla Bean Noel (such a classic!)
  • Winter Cranberry
  • Candy Cane Bliss
  • Winter Candy Apple (not my favourite, but Luke is a fan)
  • Sparkling Alpine Woods (this bottle was huge!)

Herbal Essences Conditioner – not the best conditioner out there, but it’s cheap and we have a surplus of it.

Aveeno Baby Body Wash – I had bought this when I got my leg tattoo since you are instructed to wash with unscented soap. It’s went back into heavy rotation since it was mild enough to use with my psorasis.

Cooling Mint Jelly – this is similar to Lush’s shower jelly (which I love), except Lush’s is far superior in every way.

Empty Lush bag – I don’t remember what this was exactly, but I know it was either a bubble bar or a bath bomb.

Toothpaste – I love the original Colgate so much. It’s the one we always had in the house growing up, and now I insist on a tube of it always being open in our house.

Q-tips – I use these for everything – removing nail polish, removing makeup, etc. etc etc.

Bread & Butter Face Clean – this was Luke’s, he seems to be a fan.

Ecopure Man Aftershave Balm – Again, Luke’s. I didn’t hear any complaints and he finished off the bottle, so it must have been ok.

Avon Skin So Soft – Basically Avon’s version of Veet or Nair. I have no idea where I got this from, I don’t think I know anyone who sells Avon. Is that even still a thing?

Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer – We actually finished off two of these things! Normally they just go missing before we can finish the bottle…

Coolway Boost Repair Treatment – It appears this company has gone out of business, so no sense in giving a review on this.

Nivea face cream – I use moisturizer a lot – even more since being diagnosed with psorasis. This was nothing special, but it did it’s job.

Vanilla Body lotion (foil sample) – I kept this foil sample on my desk at work, and used it up over the course of a few days. It smelled nice.

Perfume samples – I love perfume, and own a few too many bottles of it… I’ve been trying to get through my collection of these little samples lately, and was able to finish off 6 of them over the 5 month span.

  • Prada Candy Florale – I prefer the original Candy, which is one I own a full size bottle of. This one was still really nice though!
  • Calvin Klein Reveal – meh. Not my favourite, but it was wasn’t terrible either.
  • Diesel Loverdose Tattoo – one of my favourites, I also own a full size bottle of this one.
  • Ralph Lauren Midnight Romance – this one was ok – again, not my favourite and not one I need to own full size.
  • Narcisco Rodriguez For Her – this was nice! I’ve liked all of the samples I’ve tried of this brand, but for some reason do not own a full size of any yet…
  • Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream – I own the original Daisy perfume, and this one is similar to that one. I do love the Marc Jacobs full size bottles though 🙂

Luke also finished off one larger sample:

  • Yves St. Laurent La Nuit De L’homme – Luke loves this one, and owns it in a full size bottle already 🙂

Our basket for the next quarter is already starting to fill up 🙂


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