The Wedding Party – Luke’s Side

Jill Antle – Best Woman

I met Jill on May 6,1984. The day she was born. She had a smushed nose.  She’s been my sister ever since. She’s bossy. I don’t remember specifically asking her to be best man. In all likelihood she muscled her way into it because that’s how Jill is. But she’s also the life of the party, extremely loyal, caring, considerate, uncomfortable with being praised like this so I’ll deviate and say she’s had my back my entire life and couldn’t be prouder to have her on my team.

When she’s not being a Best Gal, Jill can be found chilling with her tinysweetheart watching NFL action (Go Steelers!), kickin’ it on the 1s & 2s as DJ Wing Wednesdays, cooking, book clubbing, and living her best life.


Lisa Glover – Groomswoman

The unstoppable force that is Luke and Lisa was forged in the fires of conflict from mid-to-late-2000s MTV reality shows, specifically ones focused on identical twins who were into girls and dudes. Their shared passion for potatoes – even baking cakes with perogy-shaped cookies on them, karaoke and Metric shows is unrivaled. Whether it’s yelling “sports” at Oiler/Eskimo games, or saying “Woooooooooo!!!” at concerts, this cat-loving duo has been an immense force of awesomeness going back to ’05. This has nothing to with anything hut The Gaslight Anthem is a great band. Luke recently  the attendant in Lisa’s wedding to Handsome Trevor West and the reviews were overwhelmingly positive somehow. In all seriousness though – Lisa saved my life and I couldn’t be happier that she’s going to be at my side as I marry Fallon.  Lisa is one of my all-time favourite people, a pickleball champion, and I’m proud to have her in our party.


Devin Patterson – Groomsman

2005 was a very good year. That’s when i had the fortune of meeting Devin Patterson. I was new to Edmonton from then Regina. We worked at the station together and lived blocks apart. What started as Onowayan hospitality over Ugandan magic Pepsi cocktails had led to a lifelong friendship. I know I can always count on Devin if I need help. He’s as honest, hard-working, genuine and kind a person as you’ll ever meet. Fun fact: one night in summer ’06 Devin was at a wedding near my Whyte Ave apartment. He called me to come meet up. I arrive at the venue and Devin’s all the way up a tree. I call him on my cell and he says “When Chuck Norris jumps into water, he doesn’t get wet… the water gets Chuck Norris’d” then jumps down almost onto my car. It’s like midnight and we head back to my place. Devin decides he’s not ready to crash so we head out to Hudsons. Devin gives the doorman $20 and we walk right in. While inside we meet some mutual friends and he starts hitting it off with this Matthew Good fan named Larissa. A few of us head back to my place, snack on Premium Plus crackers and peanut butter, then head out onto the roof to mess with tipsy passers-by. All in all a good night. In 2010 – I was a groomsman in Devin and Larissa’s wedding. I’m so happy the tables have turned and they both get to be here for me.


Isabella Nicole Perez Antle – Flower Girl

Look at my niece! Isn’t she cute? Just wait till she’s a flower girl. Oh man. So much damned cute!!!

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