Tony’s Town Square – December 30, 2017

For our first meal on our trip, we decided to try something new and made a reservation at Tony’s Town Square. It was December 30th, and we figured the park would be really busy, so we really wanted to make sure we had an ADR. We made it for quite late, just to give ourselves wiggle room in case our flight was delayed (which turned out to be a good call – we were never in danger of missing our reservation, but our flight was over an hour late).

We checked in, and had a bit of a wait before being called. We were eventually led to a 4-top table in the back corner, and handed our menus.

We were brought a plate of bread with some oil while we read over the menu. We were both really hungry after a day of traveling, and we crushed the bread fairly quickly and then said yes to a second plate haha. I really enjoyed the spices/seasoning that was mixed in with the oil (although I’m fairly certain it was just basic Italian seasoning).

We decided that since it was the first night of our wedding trip, we would do something we’ve never done at a restaurant before – order a bottle of wine! #treatyoself Keep in mind, I’m fussy with wine, and the only way I’d agree to drinking any of this was if it was a really sweet wine – so Luke, being the great husband he is (although he was still technically just my fiancé at this point), agreed to split a bottle of Moscato with me.

Coppo Moncalvina Moscato d’Asti, Piedmont – refreshing aromas and flavours of tropical fruit and sugar cane with a touch of acidity on the finish – $39/bottle

This was really good Moscato! It was nice and sweet, just the way I like my wine, without being sickly sweet over the course of a bottle. I don’t understand the language they use to describe wine, I can never taste the difference between different kinds of fruits used – obviously I’m not a wine connoisseur seeing as I only drink Moscato haha. We had no issues finishing this bottle off (Luke drank way more than I did, I’m such a lightweight haha), and it wasn’t too expensive at all for restaurant prices!

For food, we skipped appetizers (as we almost always do), and went straight for entrees. Luke went for the Chicken Parmigana – lightly breaded chicken breast with melted mozzarella and Tony’s Marinara Sauce over spaghetti $26.

The spaghetti was nothing special, the sauce was basic but the chicken was cooked well.

My eyes were larger than my belly, and I ordered the Italian Trio – three classic favourites on one dish. Chciken Parmigiana, baked rigatoni and fettucine alfredo $32.

I’m not a huge fan of alfredo sauce typically, but this was really good! The chicken parm was standard, but tasty and the baked rigatoni was surpisingly one of the stars of this entire plate. I expected the bowl of baked rigatoni to be fairly basic, but it was so good!

There’s really nothing special about the food at this restaurant, but overall it was tasty and hit the spot. We had been led to believe that this restaurant wasn’t very good, so we went in with very low expectations – and we ended up being pleased with it! There’s no mistaking this place for fine dining, and there’s definitely better options on property, but I’m glad we went there and tried it – and we wouldn’t mind going back again..

The restaurant itself is really cute, with lots of Lady & the Tramp references (as seen on the menu above). The walls were decorated in artwork from the movie, and there was a giant fountain in the restaurant which was adorable.

The total cost of our meal was $100.11 – this included an 18% tip and a 20% discount thanks to Tables in Wonderland.

I purchased a Tables in Wonderland card for the first time ever (seeing as this was my first trip to WDW as an annual pass holder, it was the first time I was ever eligible for the card). The cost to purchase a TIW card is $150 (no tax), but it will allow you to save 20% on food and alcohol at many restaurants on property.  It does add an auto-gratuity to your check of 18%, but Luke and I tend to tip that much anyways. Also, parties of 6 or more have the 18% auto-gratuity added on even without a TIW card, and we knew almost every meal during the entire second week of our vacation would be with at least 6 people at a time.

I wanted to track the numbers and see how much we ended up saving by purchasing the card, so the numbers will be shared at the bottom of each review 🙂 Keep I mind I didn’t calculate the 18% gratuity in the cost to break even, since we would have been paying that anyways.

Tables in Wonderland Original Cost: $150                                              Break Even Point Before this Meal: $150                                                        Savings this Meal: $19.40                                                                                            Total until Breaking Even: $130.60




Naples – November 13, 2017

One of the places I wanted to go back to was Naples, so we made a reservation for supper there on our last night.

We checked in and were led to a table outside. We were handed the menu – which is a giant one-page thing with the food on one side and drinks on the other.

One thing on the drink menu caught Luke’s attention: Mule Flight – a flight of three unique, Italian-inspired mules, all topped with ginger liqueur and lime juice $18

From left to right, that’s the Venetian – Absolut vodka, prosecco, Sicilian – Skyy vodka, averna and Naples – Stoll vodka, blood orange juice. Mules have become one of Luke’s favourite drinks to order at restaurants, so he was excited to try some different kinds (and I might have sampled each of them as well…).

We both liked the Venetian and Naples, but the Sicilian just tasted like straight vodka.

I was boring and just wanted water, but I didn’t take a picture of that – just imagine a tall glass filled with a clear liquid.

They brought us some bread with olive oil/balsamic to start. I hate balsamic, so I very carefully dip my bread so I only soak up the oil – it’s a process I’ve pretty much mastered by now haha. Luke likes it all, so he just eats it like a normal person. This is a good crusty Italian bread – and I like just about every type of bread out there!

A big reason for wanting this reservation was because of the appetizer we’d had the last time we were here: Panzerotti – fried pizza dough filled with fresh mozzarella, artisan ricotta, parmesan, marinara, three for $10, five for $14.

These are delicious little puffy pockets of cheesey goodness, with a big bowl of marinara to dip them in. I could make an entire meal just out of these <3

We also ordered a regular sized pepperoni pizza $35 (they have individual, regular and large- which is massive!). I love the tiny little pepperonis they use, and the fresh mozzarella. Overall, a very tasty pizza 🙂


Our total bill came to $63.03 after saving $4.50 with my annual pass.

Flame Tree BBQ – January 2, 2018

We were feeling a little hungry, and decided we wanted a snack around 11:30am, so we headed over to Flame Tree BBQ. We didn’t want anything big, so we ordered some fries to split.

It was also really cold out, so Luke ordered a coffee and I got a hot chocolate.

Our fries tasted like fries, and our drinks were warm. It was everything we’d hoped for.

Cost: $7.57 after using my Tables in Wonderland card ($1.77 saved)

*See post for Tony’s to see explanation of the math below*

Tables in Wonderland Original Cost: $150                                              Break Even Point Before this Meal: $119.80                                                      Savings this Meal: $1.77                                                                                          Total until Breaking Even: $118.03

January 8th, 2017 – Part Three

Eventually, Snow White came out and it was our turn to meet her. We handed her our Record Store Day Disney vinyl to sign (well, just the case, we were smart enough to leave the actual record home). We still haven’t actually done anything with that yet, it’s just sitting beside our record player..,

This was also a really amazing Snow – she looked the part, and her voice/giggle was spot on – I was very impressed by this casting!

This might be one of my favourite character meet and greet pictures ever haha – I didn’t get the memo on how to pose for this one…

After our meet and greet with Snow White, we continued on our way around the World Showcase. Next up was Italy, so we looked around a bit in the shops. Nothing was jumping out at us to purchase, so we journeyed over to the American Adventure. The show was only a few minutes away from starting, and it was something we had never watched before, so we decided to go watch.

The inside of that building is gorgeous! The American Adventure Rotunda is actually a reception venue option for a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding, but it’s only for the Wishes collection (we had an Escape wedding), and the minimum guest count is high (I believe it’s a minimum of 80 people – which means big $$$) – so obviously it was not an option for our wedding. I’ve seen gorgeous wedding photos from there though!

Anyways, back to the American Adventure audio-animatronics show… it’s a great place to have a nap? It’s definitely showing its age, and since I’m not American I guess I just don’t care that much about the country’s history (plus almost everything mentioned during that show was taught to us in school). Basically – it’s not something I feel the need to do every trip. I’m glad we did it once, but I almost fell asleep a few times…

Once the show was over, we rushed back over to the Italy Pavilion – it was time for a meal I was really looking forward to after hearing lots of great reviews – Via Napoli! It was….disappointing. The food was fine, but the service left A LOT to be desired. You can read all about it here.

After our pizza and terrible service, we slowly started making our way back to the Mexico side of the World Showcase. We stopped in Norway to see the giant troll –

It wasn’t long before it was time for our second dining reservation of the night – because everyone needs second supper, right? This time we checked in to La Hacienda de San Angel – Luke made this reservation because he wanted to drink margaritas while watching Illuminations from a different angle  – this proved to be a great choice, since it was so cold out that night!

We had to wait a little bit past our reservation time, but we were led to a two-top table shortly before Illuminations began. You can read about our experience here.

Once we settled up our check and left the restaurant, Epcot was officially closed – however there were extra magic hours that evening for guests staying on property. We decided to take advantage of that, and went to meet Baymax.

I was actually wearing my Baymax dress that day, so this meet and greet was a must!

We then crossed over and got into line to meet Joy and Sadness!

After meeting these characters, we decided to head our of the park for the night, but Spaceship Earth was a walk-on as we went past, so of course we had to get on that again!

We headed out to the bus stop (and even remembered to head to the Saratoga Springs stop, since we were checking in to that hotel for the remainder of our stay), and then stood and waited. And waited. And waited. There were quite a few of us at the bus stop, and it was cold out – and it took forever! Finally, 35 minutes later a bus showed up…

By the time we reached the main lobby of Saratoga Springs, we were exhausted – but of course we still had to go check in, get our room number and new Magicbands, and pick up our luggage from bell services. We got in line in the lobby, and figured it wouldn’t be too long of a wait since there was only one family in front of us. Again, we waited. And waited. And then waited some more… the family in front of us took forever! The kids were running around the lobby loudly, the dad kept asking questions – but eventually it was our turn and we were able to check in and get our room. After a quick stop at bell services, we collected our luggage which had been transferred over from Old Key West, and they drove us to our building.

I was going to take pictures of our room, but I was way too tired (and it was pushing midnight by this point), so I just went to bed instead.