Flame Tree BBQ – January 2, 2018

We were feeling a little hungry, and decided we wanted a snack around 11:30am, so we headed over to Flame Tree BBQ. We didn’t want anything big, so we ordered some fries to split.

It was also really cold out, so Luke ordered a coffee and I got a hot chocolate.

Our fries tasted like fries, and our drinks were warm. It was everything we’d hoped for.

Cost: $7.57 after using my Tables in Wonderland card ($1.77 saved)

*See post for Tony’s to see explanation of the math below*

Tables in Wonderland Original Cost: $150                                              Break Even Point Before this Meal: $119.80                                                      Savings this Meal: $1.77                                                                                          Total until Breaking Even: $118.03

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