Naples – November 13, 2017

One of the places I wanted to go back to was Naples, so we made a reservation for supper there on our last night.

We checked in and were led to a table outside. We were handed the menu – which is a giant one-page thing with the food on one side and drinks on the other.

One thing on the drink menu caught Luke’s attention: Mule Flight – a flight of three unique, Italian-inspired mules, all topped with ginger liqueur and lime juice $18

From left to right, that’s the Venetian – Absolut vodka, prosecco, Sicilian – Skyy vodka, averna and Naples – Stoll vodka, blood orange juice. Mules have become one of Luke’s favourite drinks to order at restaurants, so he was excited to try some different kinds (and I might have sampled each of them as well…).

We both liked the Venetian and Naples, but the Sicilian just tasted like straight vodka.

I was boring and just wanted water, but I didn’t take a picture of that – just imagine a tall glass filled with a clear liquid.

They brought us some bread with olive oil/balsamic to start. I hate balsamic, so I very carefully dip my bread so I only soak up the oil – it’s a process I’ve pretty much mastered by now haha. Luke likes it all, so he just eats it like a normal person. This is a good crusty Italian bread – and I like just about every type of bread out there!

A big reason for wanting this reservation was because of the appetizer we’d had the last time we were here: Panzerotti – fried pizza dough filled with fresh mozzarella, artisan ricotta, parmesan, marinara, three for $10, five for $14.

These are delicious little puffy pockets of cheesey goodness, with a big bowl of marinara to dip them in. I could make an entire meal just out of these <3

We also ordered a regular sized pepperoni pizza $35 (they have individual, regular and large- which is massive!). I love the tiny little pepperonis they use, and the fresh mozzarella. Overall, a very tasty pizza 🙂


Our total bill came to $63.03 after saving $4.50 with my annual pass.

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